In this training, which can be preferred by students and graduates who aim to take part in the IT sector, those who want to develop and specialize in this language and who want to advance their career in the IT sector, the participants are provided with access to web software with ASP.NET. Moreover, they are provided with a layered project by using object-oriented programming (OOP) effectively. It is ensured that modular web projects are developed in which service infrastructure is used together with its architecture.

Process and Achievement
You can learn all the subjects required to be a web developer and start your career well,
You can make your web design from scratch yourself step by step,
You can easily create a blog site or a company promotion site,
You can add a management panel to your websites and manage your dynamic content from one place,
At the end of the course, you will be able to become a well-equipped web developer and earn money in this field.

Who should take it?
Interested in Science and Technology
Curious and Inquisitive
Anyone who is interested in software and wants to develop themselves on the web can participate.

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