This training program has been prepared to provide industry professionals with Software Quality Assurance Management competence in line with basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge in 3 levels and a total of 14 modules. Participants must attend all modules in order to receive the “Software Quality Assurance Management” Certificate.

Process and Achievement
Have knowledge about Software Quality Assurance Process and Management.
They gain experience in preparing a Software Quality Assurance Plan, creating quality assurance checklists, and managing process and product nonconformities.
They have basic knowledge about software process management models and standards (CMMI, SPICE, ISO/IEC 12207, AQAP).
Gain knowledge of CMMI v.1.3 (Integrated Capability Maturity Model) process areas.
They know the application principles of software management processes at an intermediate level.
They understand the importance and application principles of software process management models.
Gain knowledge of the web-based process modeling tool (IBM-EPF), which can be actively used within the scope of software quality assurance management,
By using the software program, they gain application experience within the framework of a software management model.

Who should take it?
Fresh graduates or senior university (undergraduate/graduate) students,
Those who work as software quality assurance managers in IT companies,
Quality Managers,
Quality Experts,
Quality Assurance Officers,
Software / System Development Specialists,
IT Project Managers,
IT Engineers and Staff,
Those who want to work in this field,
(There is no specific department restriction for this education. Students and graduates of universities providing education in the field of Engineering and Social Sciences can also make a career in this field.)

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