As new technologies develop, the field of cyber threats expands and the manpower with cybersecurity skills to respond to these threats does not increase at the same rate. According to the report published by ESET company in 2019; In the global framework, the cyber security personnel shortage has approached 3 million. Considering that our country ranks 5th in the world among the targets of cyber attacks, it is certain that a significant part of the said deficit is in our country. With “Cyber Security Analyst Training”; We aim to provide the tactical knowledge and skills that Security Operations Center (SOC) teams need to detect and respond to cyber security threats.

General Information
Training Date: April 26th – June 5th
Training Duration: 50 Hours (10 Hours a Week, 6 weeks in total)
Training Time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; 19:00-22:00,
Place: Online-Live Training Platform

Process and Achievement
Security policies and procedures
As part of the SOC team, the key skills, processes and knowledge needed to prevent, detect and analyze cybersecurity incidents
Access control models for digital assets
Malware analysis and interpretation processes
Identification of protected data
You will learn to understand key SOC metrics to accelerate detection and quarantine of violations.

Who should take it?
Students and graduates who want to take part in the IT sector,
Those who intend to advance their career in the IT sector,
Those who will work in the SOC team
Professionals who want to gain knowledge in cyber security analysis and cyber security operations
Those who are experts in any IT
Those who are preparing for certification processes such as CEH and OSCP on the way to becoming a ‘White Hat Hacker’.

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