Due to the rapid change of technology, the fact that today’s children live in the age of fast consumption and all their needs are ready for them; They need more support to become productive, quick decision-making individuals who can find solutions to a problem they face.
Thanks to this training, our children will learn which correct steps they can take to find alternative solutions to the difficulties they encounter, with Scratch, one of the most preferred programs in the world; they will discover the ability to solve problems in a certain discipline and logical order through algorithmic exploration.
The first and only in Turkey! We teach our children both coding with games and coding lessons with the Scratch Program, the world’s best coding program developed by MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is accepted as the best technical university in the world! In this way, our children will not only code with fun, but also learn to code school lessons and contribute to their school success. With coding examples from Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Turkish lessons, they will discover knowledge with algorithmic thinking away from rote learning.

Process and Achievement
We will have the opportunity to discover our children’s talents in programming at an early age.
We will develop our children’s algorithmic and analytical thinking skills.
We will provide direct interaction with the instructors with online live lessons.
We will have the opportunity to watch the lessons again with LMS.
We will certify the trainings we receive with a University Approved Certificate.
Every child is special and every child’s interests may be different.
In this context, directing our children in accordance with these interests at an early age will contribute to the growth of happy people who love their job.
If you wish, you can get advice on determining the interests of our children through performance tests to be carried out by experts at the entrance and exit of our courses.

Who should take it?
Problem Solving,
Interested in Science and Technology
Curious and Inquisitive
Anyone with an interest in the software can participate.

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