It is an educational tool developed for beginners for basic programming education. Developers can create their own games or animations and share them on the internet by dragging and dropping visual code blocks with the mouse. Basic software concepts are taught by developing real applications.

Process and Achievement
Develops problem solving skills.
Explain the concepts related to the algorithm.
Knows for what purpose the algorithm is used.
Builds and develops algorithms.
It provides solutions to some errors that may arise with algorithm logic.
Explains concepts related to Scratch
Scratch knows what it’s used for.
It creates a regular scratch with algorithm logic.
Creates unique projects using Scratch.
Develops Scratch tools.
Creates and develops course materials, presentations, animations, digital stories, games with the Scratch program.
Code Game Lab recognizes tools and objects.
Code learns to control objects and Earth in Game Lab.
Understands the basics of programming in the Code Game Lab
Code develops pervasive design process in Game Lab.
Code generates its own game world in Game Lab.

Who should take it?
Problem solving,
Interested in science and technology
Curious and Inquisitive
Anyone with an interest in the software can participate.

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