Our training program, in which the dynamics of this sector is explained to our young people who want to work in the Defense Industry, so that they can perceive the service / production processes correctly and continue their professional development in this direction, includes basic and technical information for entering the defense industry. It will help to take the right steps for an awareness and professional development for the Defense Industry.

Process and Achievement

General definition of defense, threats against our country, laws enacted to prevent this, financing of defense industry projects, etc.
Defense Industry from the idea stage to the procurement process
Our policies and performance in our defense industry from the beginning to the present
Product development in the defense industry; The roles of TÜBİTAK, our universities and technopolises,
Business development in the defense industry, Differences between domestic and foreign markets
Purchasing of our defense industry companies
Integrated Logistics Support (ELD) in the defense industry
The past, present, future, sources of income and roles of the defense press will be discussed.
Human resources profile used in the defense industry

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