Concepts are the building blocks of the mind. While these concepts are being taught to children, activities and environments are needed that will enable them to apply newly acquired concepts, expand them by combining them with existing concepts, and learn new concepts by structuring them. The STEM approach, which has been very popular in recent years, is recommended to be applied in early childhood years. In this direction, you can take an active part in these processes by participating in our program where STEM-Based Educational Practices will be given Educational Competences and Skills. Robotic Coding Project Applications Trainer Training is a training program where theoretical transfers will be given live online, and applications will be made in workshops where all kinds of health, hygiene and social distance rules are applied in the workshop environment.

Process and Achievement
Analyzes the subjects and concepts related to the field.
Demonstrates the skills necessary for the education and training of the field.
Uses information and communication technologies effectively in the teaching and learning process.
Explains the electronic card interface and usage.
Makes block coding and text coding.
Explains the use of breadboard and how the button is connected to the electronic board.
Explains the use of serial monitor and serial communication speed, prints text on serial monitor.
Explains the concepts of analog and digital, processes the data read from the analog inputs of the electronic card and prints it to the serial screen.
It reads the potentiometer connected to the analog input and prints it to the serial screen.
It recognizes LDR and reads its resistance in light-darkness with the measuring instrument, makes sensor applications with LED.
It makes sensor applications related to ambient temperature and combines it with other applications.
Makes servo motor applications with servo motor and electronic card.
Analyzes faults in simple circuits.

Who should take it?
Kindergarten and Primary School Educators,
Class Teachers,
Vocational School Teachers,
Parents who want to have fun with their children,
Teaching School Students,
Young people working in this field
And anyone interested in this subject

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