“Success is Hidden in Protocol Management.”

The protocol is all the rules that must be followed in official ceremonies, such as the order of positions, greetings, and the right of priority. The purpose of the protocol is not to disrupt the order, but to create an atmosphere of courtesy and mutual respect that enables the development of social relations by putting an end to disorder, if any.

Process and Achievement
Examining and teaching the Protocol Rules required in business life and in studies carried out with State Institutions.

Who should take it?
Just as it is important and necessary for an ambassador, consul and attaché in diplomatic life, it is as important and necessary in civil public life for every officer, chief, branch manager, district/province and regional director, head of department, general manager, undersecretary and minister. is necessary. Because every manager’s daily managerial and social life is usually passed within the protocol. Public personnel at all levels and private sector employees who do business with these people can participate in the training.

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