The aim of our training is to create the necessary action plans to be able to be strong and successful in an intense competitive environment, to maximize sustainable customer satisfaction, to minimize customer losses and to create more loyal customers, to become aware of innovative solutions.

Process and Achievement
The concept of human-oriented customer is gaining importance day by day for the survival of every business. From this point of view, in order to maintain and increase the existence of the customer, it should be managed and communicated with the right methods under all circumstances.
In line with the principles, mission, vision and interests of the institution, we share the diversity and the right way to ensure customer satisfaction and create a roadmap for achieving maximum profit and efficiency.

Who should take it?
Human management with all management staff, sales-marketing, customer relations, commercial, individual and corporate sales/marketing personnel, tellers, public relations, corporate communication, call center employees, dealer channels and all personnel working as interfaces in the sale of goods or services. employees in all roles that require it.

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