Forensic Informatics forms the basis of the internet-based communication world. Forensic Informatics covers many different concepts from information security to operational security and computer systems security. Forensic Computing also means different things to different target audiences. For individuals, this concept means feeling safe and protecting personal data and privacy.

Process and Achievement
The Unknown Dark Side of the Internet,
Operayson Processes, Malware (Malicious) Software,
Image Acquisition,
Data Processing Technologies
Data Analysis Fundamentals,
Persons related to Cyber Security,
The training caters to a wide audience, from simple internet users to professional security experts.

Who should take it?
TAF Members
Police Officers
Computer Engineers
Forensic Engineers
Software Engineers
Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Computer Technicians
Experts who want to act as experts in this field
IT Managers and Employees
People who want to improve themselves in the IT World

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