With the Pilot Training Program to be held in the USA and Turkey in a modular way with domestic and foreign resources, you can have the Pilot Certificate. Within the scope of the Training Program, 135 Hours of Flight Training will be provided in the USA and 85 hours in Turkey.

The training period is 18 months in total. The program will also be explained in detail to the applicants.

Trainings will be carried out by theoretical and flight instructors who are experts in the field of domestic and international flight schools.

General Criteria;
be over the age of 17
To be at least high school graduate or equivalent
Not having a criminal record and archive record

Health Conditions;
Having the conditions to obtain a 1st class medical report or certificate certifying pilot ability from a hospital authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM),

Foreign Language (English) Requirement;
To provide written and verbal communication proficiency in the English language

Note: Candidates who do not have English language proficiency will be offered the opportunity to receive English Language Training at OSTİM Technical University.

Documents Required for Application;
Passport Copy
Diploma or equivalency certificate
Receipt showing that 5.200 USD has been deposited to the relevant account for visa application and paperwork to the USA

Note: The application fee of the candidates whose visa application is rejected, does not meet the criteria or gives up voluntarily is non-refundable.

(If any) Copy of foreign language exam document
Judicial Registry archive record document (must be up-to-date and original)
1st class health certificate

Training and Organization Process:

  1. Trainee application and contract signing (Payment of the application fee)
  2. Visa application on behalf of the trainee and obtaining the visa
  3. English language training if necessary
  4. Payment of the first installment of the course fee
  5. Completion of preparations for TSA, fingerprint, US airfare, US Health Report, and US accommodation
  6. Giving 50 hours of orientation training to the trainees before going to the USA
  7. The student’s departure to the USA, the start of PPL training and the completion of a total of 135 hours of flight
  8. Obtaining the US flight license and returning the trainee to Turkey
  9. Payment of the second installment of the course fee
  10. Making legislative preparations for the conversion of the US license to a Turkish license
  11. Completion of night flights and IR trainings
  12. Completion of ATPL theoretical and CPL training
  13. Obtaining SHGM approved ATPL airline transport pilot license after ME training

Candidates must have an accessible e-mail address that they check frequently and must be notified to us for transactions. Contact will be made via the candidates’ e-mail address. It is the candidate’s responsibility to reply to the e-mails sent by us within the specified time.

Candidates must have a mobile phone number registered in Turkey. It is the responsibility of the candidate to respond to the calls made by our university within the required time.

Education fee:
The tuition fee includes accommodation and round-trip airfare in the USA.

Installment payment options are available.

For information about the training program fee, please contact us;

+90 552 707 33 75 / +90 (212) 427 0 900

Process and Achievement
If the candidates are successful in the exams to be held by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, they will have an Airline Transport Pilot License – ATPL(A).

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