ISO 27001 Information security standard is a standard designed to make information security management more efficient. ISO/IEC 27001, which is not only a technical standard, reveals the security needs of institutions, organizations and businesses, but leaves the application method to them. In other words, it defines the necessary needs to ensure the confidentiality of information against malicious and misuse internally or externally. The latest version of this standard is TS ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which entered into force in 2013 and is still in effect.

General Information
Training Date: July 4th
Training Duration: 4 Hours (one day)
Training Time: Friday; 18:30-22:30,
Place: Online-Live Training Platform

Process and Achievement
What is Information?
What is Information Security?
What is Information Security?
ISO 27001 Who concerns?
You will have information about ISO/IEC 27001 Terms and Concepts.
Raising awareness among employees about the protection of information,
Continuous evaluation of information security processes,
The development of the system, as the performance is constantly monitored,
Providing activities, process and documentation studies for information security,
Since information systems and computer networks will be kept under constant control, providing protection from system, computer-assisted threats and dangers,
Ensuring the protection of information in the organization,
To protect information assets against possible attacks and malicious use,
Ensuring the continuity of the organization’s activities,
Ensuring trust in the eyes of customers by keeping the information confidential, reliable and accessible,
At the same time, to gain competitiveness in the market,
Ensuring the rise of the corporate image in the sector,
Norms for capturing corporate norms for the company/institution, such as complying with official legal regulations such as laws and regulations, will appear as gains.

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