One of the most essential elements for the success of the company is the right management. Even if the goals are big, it is necessary to believe in success. The Innovation Management Certificate Program will increase company productivity, profitable business and innovation capacity with managers and employees who can guide, mobilize, unite, motivate, socially and technically equipped.

Process and Achievement
At the end of the training, the participants of the training: • They will have sufficient knowledge infrastructure on innovation • They will be able to implement the innovation that makes competition enjoyable and profitable, by developing their creative aspects, and manage the innovation process. • They will be able to define their innovation needs and create an action plan by conducting innovation audits in their companies in every sector. • They will have information about the necessary and current financing sources for innovation and will be able to determine the appropriate financing source for their innovation needs. • Will be able to prepare and manage innovation projects for appropriate financial resources. • They will have technical and practical knowledge about the management of these projects. Training Documents: Audit Forms, Training Program Execution Book, Incident Resolution-Sample Company Audit Report, Sample Company Project Application, Evaluation Forms, Final Exam Forms, Communication Strategy Guide for Innovation, Game Forms , Rigging Search, Warm-up Exercise Materials, Project Application Forms, Process Charts

Who should take it?
Company representatives from all sectors can participate in the training, as well as transferring the information they received in the training on different platforms.
People who want to create a culture on innovation management, become an educator and train themselves in this field can also participate.

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