With the start of Agriculture 4.0 Applications in the agricultural sector, remote sensing and image processing techniques have also started to be used intensively. In the historical process, satellites have been used for images of large-scale areas. Later, it was understood that the resolution and clouding problems of satellite images were not sufficient for agricultural applications, and multispectral cameras were developed for agricultural imaging. With the widespread use of unmanned aerial vehicles, there are developments in imaging possibilities and their use in agriculture. Thanks to the technological developments, the development processes of the products can be monitored regularly with the multispectral images obtained from the plant production areas. As a result of original research studies carried out in this direction, parallel developments and applications have been developed in our country as well.

The effective use of these developments in the agricultural sector in our country depends on the agricultural sector’s reaching the basic usage qualifications about Agriculture 4.0 applications together with information technologies. This training package for the use of Precision Agriculture Decision Support Systems developed in our country includes modern satellite imaging techniques, image acquisition and image processing techniques using unmanned aerial vehicles.


Teacher: Osman Budak
Training Content: 20 Different Distance Education Contents and 2 Online Live Training Programs
Training Duration: Total 40 Hours
OTUSEM approved certificate with online exam and minimum 70 points success level

Process and Achievement
Gains knowledge about remote sensing techniques.
Learns the work done in the field within the scope of Agriculture 4.0 applications.
Recognizes the unmanned aerial vehicles used for remote sensing, learns the control and usage stages.
Learns the multispectral cameras used in the application process and their features and usage patterns.
Learns to create basic indices such as plant health of agricultural area by combining the obtained multispectral camera images.
Learns how to obtain basic vegetative indexes with satellite images taken with modern satellite technologies.
It adds a new technological dimension to their work with a new business development opportunity where they can actively use the Precision Agriculture Decision Support System.

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