While adding value to human resources with systematic practices, it is aimed to understand the development process of human resources management and to reveal the differences with personnel management without moving away from the “human” focus.

Process and Achievement
To reveal the effectiveness of the Human Resources Department as a strategic partner in companies,
To take institutionalization steps specific to companies,
Contributing to the perspective of “managing by measuring and improving by managing” in the light of strategic goals of performance,
Working life practices to be followed for the legal protection of both companies and employees,
“Making +1 Difference” with applications in the changing and developing business world
Supporting the perspective of “dependence on systems, not on people” by defining processes,
Making a difference with “Choosing the right personnel for the right job” by managing an effective interview process,

Who should take it?
Human resources managers, experts and employees,
Those who want to continue their career in the field of human resources management,
University students and graduates planning a career in HR,
Those who want to develop themselves as human resources specialists in institutions,
Business managers and executive candidates,
Those who are interested in human resources management and aim for a career in this field,

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