WHAT IS COACHING? Coaching aims to set stronger goals for both individuals and institutions, to take initiatives that make positive differences with proactive decisions, and to use their personal wealth and potential potential more effectively; It is a companionship with a time, working principles and system. In today’s world, coaching has become both a developing profession all over the world and a communication method adopted by leaders, teachers, counselors and families in institutions. From college students to Olympic athletes, CEOs to professional artists, many people find the tools that will enable them to create more success and happiness in their lives thanks to their coaches. WHO IS KOÇ? A coach is a person who dominates the coaching process, can focus on the solution with his intuition, creates an environment where the person can see the obstacles that prevent his success and plan the necessary actions to overcome these obstacles, follows the changes and follows the process.

Process and Achievement
Educational Coaching is the client’s ability to reach their own goals, with the support of the coach, and to learn to overcome their problems on their own. Coaching is a development process. Throughout the process, the client gets to know himself better, discovers his potential and develops his competencies by learning from his mistakes. Coaching; It is a study conducted with healthy individuals who want to reach a better situation from their current situation. Coaching; It is a process that aims development in the private and professional life of the client who receives this service, and is completely based on trust and confidentiality.

Who should take it?
Those who want to provide training coaching services, Those who want to explore different areas of their lives, Those who need a driving force to realize themselves in their lives, Those who have dreams and goals, Those who want to take the reins of their lives and take quick steps towards their goals can take this training. Anyone who wants to strengthen their communication with individuals, Educators, private trainers, anyone who wants to differentiate themselves in personal development and is interested in the program can participate.

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