What digital transformation is, what are the conditions that create digital transformation, the difficulties in front of digital transformation, “new generation technologies” that shape digital transformation, and most importantly, the relationship of digital transformation with the culture and strategies of the enterprise in terms of business performance will be explained.

Process and Achievement
Thanks to this program, the concepts of explanatory, lean and application will be clarified for digital transformation and concepts such as cloud, artificial intelligence, big data covered by digital transformation. For this reason, first of all, the definition of digital transformation will be discussed in a more applicable way. Problems frequently encountered in digital transformation processes will also be addressed, and it will be ensured that participants can easily make technological evaluations of digital transformation processes.

Who should take it?
Individuals who want to learn about digital transformation,
Managers and employees who want to develop and implement digital transformation projects in their businesses,
Vocational high school and university informatics students and graduates can participate.

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