Our “Digital Media and Marketing Series” Trainings will be implemented for 6 hours a day, with a new title every Friday.

Our companies and their employees can participate in the field of “Digital Media and Marketing” by taking advantage of the advantages offered in the relevant subject or in the whole series.

Our “Digital Media and Marketing Series” Trainings are a modular program that aims to improve the knowledge and skills of employees in the Field of Digital Media and Marketing, to make their work more effective and efficient, and to keep the visibility and awareness of their businesses at the highest level in digital media.

With this training series, participants will be able to maintain their presence in digital media fields effectively and efficiently by developing their knowledge and skills in all areas of digital media, from preparing their own web pages to social media management, from creating images to preparing texts.

At the same time, they will have the opportunity to integrate themselves and their businesses into these processes by staying up to date with the changing technologies and developments in many subjects from E-Commerce to Brand and Customer Relationship Management.

1st week; Web Page Content Management
2nd week; Social media management
3rd week; Search Engine Optimization
4th week; E-commerce
5th week; Brand Management
6th week; Customer relations management

Our trainings are held in our spacious halls with natural ventilation, where all kinds of health, social distance and hygiene conditions are provided.

Process and Achievement
More visibility and awareness in digital media,
The right product, the right image, the right text trilogy
More ads with less time and less cost
Ways to get more efficiency from Social Media and digital opportunities in the right way
Ability to correctly manage customer relations in the new normal
Things not to be overlooked in e-commerce
Managing your brand in line with its value and returns to you
Who should take it?
All business employees,
Employees who follow the web page and content studies in their business,
Sales / Marketing personnel,
Those who want to make their own web page,
Those who want to increase their knowledge and skills in the field of Digital Media and Marketing,
Young people who want to work in this field and advance their professional career,

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