Based on the well-known importance of our Defense Industry, which continues to develop within the framework of the principles of localization and nationalization, for our country, by integrating the practices and approaches in our country, the institutions and businesses operating in the Defense Sector will have the technical information they will need in the fields of management, strategy, security, logistics, business, target market and resource management. It is a program designed to train qualified personnel.

Process and Achievement
Defense Industry Resource Management Training Methodology

  • Feasibility study
  • Strategic vision research
  • Competition and Market Analysis
  • Process analysis and modeling
  • Action and project suggestions
  • Competency-based human resources system
  • Technological product ownership studies
  • Operational excellence studies
  • New product development studies
  • Alternative financing models
  • Internal control system

Some Questions That May Reveal Your Need For The Certificate Program:

  • Are your resources suitable for the defense industry sector?
  • Have you identified your core competencies?
  • Which market will you target?
  • Have you selected your appropriate supply channels?
  • Have you determined a strategy for international supply systems?
  • Is your workforce qualified enough?
  • Have you checked your compliance with the regulations?
  • Are you ready for AS 9100 Aerospace and Defense Industry Quality Management System?
  • Do you want to give your employees the notion of Defense Industry?
  • Do you want to increase the maturity level of your suppliers and do business more easily?

Who should take it?
Instructors of the Certificate Program; It consists of military-academic lecturers and sector-experienced practitioners who have worked in the Defense Industry and Defense Sector for many years.

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