Cyber ​​security forms the basis of the internet-based communication world. Cyber ​​security encompasses many different concepts, from information security to operational security to the security of computer systems. Cybersecurity also means different things to different audiences. For individuals, this concept means feeling safe and protecting personal data and privacy.

For organizations, cybersecurity means ensuring that business-critical functions are available and confidential data is protected through operational and information security. For governments, it means protecting citizens, institutions, critical infrastructure, and government computer systems from attacks or theft of data. Although definitions differ, cybersecurity refers to joint activities and resources that enable individuals, organizations, and governments to achieve their computing goals in a secure, private, and reliable manner.

They will learn about the crimes committed within the framework of informatics and technology and the preventive measures related to them and will be able to adapt what they have learned with this course to their lives in order to avoid victimization.

Cybercrime is handled with a systematic view. The legal dimension of cyber crimes, types of cyber crimes, providing information security and the problems encountered in the fight are tried to be given. Cybercrime and Preventive Measures includes 14 lessons and related videos. Information Systems and Security, Information Crimes, Security Measures, Social Networks Security, Legal Aspects of Information Crimes, Password Usage, Internet and IP Detection, Log Management, Internet Fraud, Registry Analysis, Malware Analysis, Attacks (Arp, SQL Injection) ), Intrusion Detection Systems, Penetration Tests.

Process and Achievement
It covers everyone who uses Information Technologies.

With the development of information and technology, people can easily access all the information they want. However, crimes committed in the field of informatics and technology are increasing.

Anyone can be a victim of crime here. In this context, we have to know the negativities we may encounter in the field of informatics and technology, to take the necessary precautions and to know our rights. With this course, this area, which is of interest to everyone, has been tried to be addressed.

Who should take it?
Computer Engineers
Forensic Informatics Engineers
Software Engineers
Electrical-Electronics Engineers
Computer Technicians
Experts who want to act as experts in this field
Lawyers and Lawyers
IT Managers and Employees

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