Cost monitoring systems in SMEs are based on traditional cost bases that do not have numerical predictions for the future, which are shaped by the monitoring of various costs at the end of the foreseen period and the measurement of the formation and efficiency of the costs according to their expense centers. At the end of these transactions, the management of the operating costs, both current and future, is based on rough estimates and the realization levels are low. “Break-even Costing System” developed by the trainer and implemented for 15 years, and price management proposals based on sales strategies and targets, and numerical and realistic cost predictions based on income/expenses embracing the future have been the main systems that businesses cannot give up.

General Information
Training Date: 03-04-05 February 2021
Trainer: Ali Rıza Güneş OKTAY
Training Duration: 3 days; 5 lesson hours, 15 hours in total
Training Time: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; 14:00 – 19:00
Place: Ostim University training halls

Process and Achievement
Participants in the training; selected on the internet; In an application environment such as bluejean, skype, in a coaching communication environment, which will be done by an experienced trainer by taking the business / production processes of the business as an example, in the preparation of realistic cost monitoring, predicting and managing future costs of the business, and developing the knowledge and skills in an easy, applicable dynamic structure They acquire a knowledge and experience capacity that they will gain and develop knowledge and skills with the infrastructure that they can apply in their own business.

Who should take it?
Technical and Administrative Staff,
Line Leaders.

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