Cloud Computing is an important part of the mentioned IoT and Big Data world because businesses need quality tools for instant access, fast data transfer and reliable computing resources. Although transferring such a large amount of data into the cloud does not seem like the best strategy, any disruption will cause greater cost losses when it comes to latency and availability quality. When it comes to IoT and Big Data, data responds to the end user as quickly as possible.

Process and Achievement
Plans cloud computing services and solutions that companies need,
You can install the service and manage its services,
Manage the systems in the IT infrastructure of companies,
It can offer server, storage, database, network, software, analysis and similar computing services over the cloud,
It can back up all its data and ensure local business continuity,
It can set up the necessary infrastructures for its personnel and customers to access services from anywhere, from any device, reliably and uninterruptedly,

Who should take it?
Specializing in networking
Specializing in virtualization technology,
Having knowledge in Mail Server administration,
To meet the firewall and security demands of institutions or companies,
Those who want to be one of the informatics specialists needed by the Information Technologies sector,

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