With Total Quality Management; By taking into account the expectations and suggestions of the persons, institutions and organizations (external customers) and our employees (internal customers / service providers) to whom service is provided, by obtaining and using the resources effectively, economically, efficiently, their duties and services are on time, accurately, reliably, It will be ensured that a contemporary and participatory management culture will be created with a smiling face, faster and more effective presentation, continuous development and improvement of all organizational and transaction processes, and citizen satisfaction.

General Informations
Training Date: 27-28-29 January 2021
Trainer: İffet ERCİL- Prof Dr. Yakup İÇİNGÜR
Training Duration: 3 days, 4 hours a day; Total:12 hours
Training Time: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; 15:00 – 19:00
Place: Ostim University training halls

Process and Achievement
Awareness is created in terms of institutionalization and branding of the business.
It increases the capacity and efficiency.
It gives prestige to the business.
The importance of planned working habits in terms of time management becomes clear.

Who should take it?
Small and medium-sized businesses with businesses,
senior executives,
Unit managers are young entrepreneurs who want to receive training on this subject.

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