One of the most important steps to be taken on the way to becoming a Cyber Security Specialist is to know your enemy. Understanding the behavior of cyber attackers requires thinking like a “Hacker” in any situation. In addition, the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698, which started to be implemented on April 7, 2018; explains that penetration tests should be performed and security vulnerabilities detected after the penetration test should be eliminated. In this context, the need for “Hacker in White Hat” training is increasing today. Our training will be covered in the CEHv11 curriculum and in practice.

General Information
Training Date: June 7th – July 1st
Training Duration: 36 Hours (10 Hours a Week, 4 weeks in total)
Training Time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; 19:30-22:00
Place: Online-Live Training Platform

Process and Achievement
Using the Kali Linux operating system
Taking better cybersecurity measures by thinking like a hacker
The methodology and steps of the cyber attack
Apply the methods and steps of the network penetration test.
To apply the methods and steps of the wireless network penetration test.
Implement the methods and steps of web penetration testing
Malware analysis and interpretation processes
Understanding key SOC metrics to accelerate detection and quarantine of violations
Cyber ​​Security Policies and Procedures

Who should take it?
Students and graduates who want to take part in the IT sector,
Those who are considering furthering their career in the IT sector can participate.
Those who are preparing for the CEH certification process on the way to becoming a ‘White Hat Hacker’
Those who want to improve their skills on the way to become a Cyber ​​Security Specialist
Those who want to improve themselves to become Tier-2 and Tier-3 professionals in Cyber ​​Security Operations Centers

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