All application and system software, whether general purpose or special purpose, are written in programming languages. A programming language is any set of symbols, characters, and rules that allow people to perform various operations on the computer. Programming languages act as interpreters between humans and computers. Programming languages contain statements and commands that tell the computer what to do, when and how. Programming languages have developed over time and have become very capable today.

General Information
Training Date: 15 – 27 February
Training Duration: 30 Lesson Hours
Training Time: Weekdays (19.30-22.30)
Place: Online-Live Training Platform

Process and Achievement
What Are Algorithms, Flow Diagrams, and Data Structures?
Psuedo Code What is Pseudocode?
What are the Basics of Programming with C#?
What is Structured Programming?

Who should take it?
Students and recent graduates who want to be a Backend, Frontend or Fullstack (Backend + Frontend) Developer in the IT sector,
Those who intend to advance their career in the current and promising sector of informatics,
Persons with different undergraduate degrees who have basic computer knowledge and want to enter the software world from scratch,
Those who want to improve themselves with up-to-date software technologies,
Those who want to develop themselves directly in line with the needs of the sector by receiving an effective education based on solid foundations.

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