AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Drafting and Designing (Computer Aided Technical Drawing and Design) package produced and developed by Autodesk, which enables design and drawings to be made in the computer environment, and currently has versions in 17 languages ​​in 80 countries.

Process and Achievement
Architecture, engineering, design, graphic design, machine drawing, etc. to you. It will give you the ability to draw the drawings you will need in all areas quickly and accurately in 2 and 3 dimensions.
With the AUTOCAD Training that you will receive professionally according to your field of work, based on your current education and experience, your expertise, efficiency and workforce gain will increase.
Technical Drawing Training
Autocad Tutorial
Mastercam Tutorial
Applied CNC Training
Our trainees who take all of the above mentioned trainings will also be given a CNC Operator certificate free of charge.

Who should take it?
It is not necessary to know the programming language or to have used another program. All employees working in the technical field in businesses who want to use the AUTOCAD program in their work and anyone who wants to contribute to their professional development in the job search process can participate in AUTOCAD training.

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