There are two major reasons for the widespread use of Artificial Intelligence. The first of these is that artificial intelligence is very profitable from a commercial point of view and reduces the cost because it eliminates the human factor. The second reason is the knowledge and possibilities that humanity has accessed on artificial intelligence and computer technology. We can give examples of the main areas where we use artificial intelligence today as follows; It is used in areas such as Virtual Assistants, Games, Smart Cars, Purchase Estimators, Security Systems, Smart Home Systems, Chat, Support Bots.

The program will continue through the Python programming course. Because Python has become one of the fastest growing languages, thanks to its ease of learning, scalability and adaptability. With Python’s support and ever-evolving libraries, it’s a good choice for any project, whether it’s Web Application, Objects, Data Science or artificial intelligence.

Process and Achievement
You will learn about the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to transform the mixed data pile into a more useful one.
You will be able to develop your applications in line with this information you have. After this training experience, you can reach the level where you can gain expertise in the field by continuing long-term training programs.

Who should take it?
Those who want to improve the technology applied in the field of study,
Those who want to advance their career in the field of data science,
Those who work in the field of engineering,
Those who want to learn about artificial intelligence technologies,
Young talents related to the field,
Students of the relevant department,
Department managers related to the development of the company
Those who follow the field

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