The coding to control and direct the movements of a robot is Robotic Coding and the object we are coding is a robot. We need concretization to learn and teach abstract concepts more easily. For this reason, we aim to make learning more effective by using robots in education.
With the continuous development of technology, innovative and production-oriented technologies are also needed at the same rate. Countries that are aware of this need make room for coding and robotic education for children at an early age in their education systems.
We aim to provide our children and youth with Analytical and Algorithmic thinking skills.

Process and Achievement
Gaining analytical and algorithmic thinking skills
Developing abstract comprehension skills using objects
Learning the basics of Electricity and Electronics

Who should take it?
Those who want to learn Arduino
Those who want to develop a project with Arduino
Those who want to enter the world of robotics with Arduino
Those who want to develop their own robot
Those who want to have a useful hobby
Those who want to teach children robotic coding

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